Celebrating Australian Made Week
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Celebrating Australian Made Week

You might not know this, but Melodie is an Australian born company, founded on the beautiful beaches of Sydney, Australia. It’s a country of abundance, opportunity, innovation and creativity – home to musical acts such as ACDC, Tame Impala, Gurrumul, Crowded House (thanks NZ!), INXS, Iggy Azalea, Midnight Oil, Savage Garden, Air Supply, Empire of the Sun, Yothu Yindi, Icehouse and so many more incredible world-class bands. Join us in celebrating Australian Made Week!

By Kat Tame

We recently celebrated Australian Made Week, a time to honour our remarkable local creators—and particularly for me, the creative people in the music industry. Having spent over seven years immersed in the industry and even longer making music my whole personality, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing the evolution and resilience of Australian music; in particular, the production music space.

Production music libraries like Melodie (www.melod.ie), facilitate the licensing process for content creators – broadcasters, TV and ad producers, or really anyone creating content that needs a soundtrack – making it easier for composers and musicians to monetise their music across a broad range of media outlets.

According to the Australia Council for the Arts, the average annual income for a musician in Australia is around AUD$55,000, with a significant portion of this income coming from live performances and recordings. For composers and screen music creators, the figures can vary widely. Industry surveys indicate that many composers earn between AUD$20,000 and AUD$40,000 per year, with income streams often supplemented by other forms of employment.

The arts, so crucial for their impact on the culture of the nation, are also a significant contributor to the economy. The Australian Bureau of Statistics highlights that the cultural and creative sector contributes over $112 billion to the Australian economy annually. This emphasises the importance of supporting the arts not only for their cultural value but also for their far reaching economic impact.

For a Thriving Creative Community

At Melodie, our mission extends beyond financial support. We are dedicated to nurturing the careers of Australian composers and musical artists; not only offering opportunities for growth and exposure, but also to provide a way for their creativity to impact the cultural personality of our nation. By aligning with the ethos of Australian Made Week, we celebrate the ingenuity and resilience of our local talent. Our commitment is to ensure that every composer and artist we work with feels valued and has the resources they need to succeed.

Australian Made Week was a wonderful reminder of the power and potential of our creative community, and the importance of fostering and supporting the arts in all its forms. Melodie’s purpose of getting Australian music heard on local and international content, to support a thriving creative community and paying artists fairly, is such an important movement for the Australian music industry and one I’m really proud to be a part of.

Kat Tame

Kat Tame is the Marketing Manager at Melodie. With 7+ years experience in the music industry, Kat shares Melodie’s mission to support and champion the world’s best musical talent.