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Enjoy unlimited access to the very best stock music for your YouTube videos with absolutely zero takedowns.



Enjoy unlimited access to quality music with simple licensing, worldwide, forever.



Access more than 25,000 fresh, curated, quality tracks with stems. Updated weekly.



Find tracks faster with intuitive search by genre, mood, instrument, BPM, key & more.

Music to make your audience feel

We’ve created a catalogue of music specifically for Youtube. That means we don’t only provide Top-40, commercial-sounding tracks, but also drones, pulses, classic rock, retro, chiptune, classical, jazz, epic orchestral, metal and everything in between.


By providing the full spectrum of musical genres, styles and moods, we put in your hands the power to affect emotion. Think of Melodie as your toolkit to change the way your audience feels on a deeper level, without use words or images, but through the intrinsic power of music.

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Summer Fun stock music playlist
Acoustic craft stock music playlist

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Music by award winning composers. We’re talking Emmys, Helpmanns, IMAs, Silver Scrolls, APRAs & AGCSs.

Versions &


Each track contains pre-compiled alternate versions, mixes & stems. These handy track elements put you in full control.



Cancel your subscription at any time knowing that your work is 100% copyright safe, worldwide, forever.



Enterprise users enjoy unlimited licensing across all media platforms – including broadcast TV, VOD/OTT, radio and cinema.

A Variety

of Styles

Unlimited access to more than 25,000 tracks featuring everything from pop to trap, epic orchestral, lo-fi, drones and dancehall.



We provide authentic music that really packs a punch. Your audience feel something on a deeper level.

The best music for YouTube video creators

You want the best music for your videos, we get it. At Melodie, we’ve made it quick and painless to search our premium catalogue of music via categories like Genre, Mood, Instrument, Purpose, BPM and Key. Our high-quality catalogue is simply licensed, worldwide and in perpetuity (yep, forever). Even if you cancel your Melodie subscription, everything already placed is safe forever. With Melodie, you get access to the best music with zero hassles.

Licensed for all media platforms

As an Enterprise customer, enjoy the most flexible licence available covering all media including broadcast advertising, TV, radio, cinema, VOD, you name it.


Plus, you can stop worrying about takedowns and copyright strikes on YouTube. Our exclusively owned catalogue is also safe for all digital platforms.







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Unlimited music for YouTube

Cancel whenever you like. Every track placed during an active subscription is safe forever. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does my licence cover?

All Melodie tracks are pre-cleared for worldwide use, in perpetuity (forever). Tracks licensed under CREATOR and PRO plans are safe for all platforms excluding broadcast television, VOD, radio and cinema. Broadcast rights require an ENTERPRISE licence. Full information on licensing inclusions can be found on the Pricing page, or check out the Subscription Agreement.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

Even if you cancel your subscription every Melodie track already placed in a production is safe to use in that production forever.

Can I download previews before I subscribe?

Yes, once you’ve created an account you can instantly download watermarked MP3 files to preview in your project or DAW. You are not licensed to use these tracks other than for preview purposes. To license tracks, you’ll need a subscription.

How many tracks can I download?

As many as you like. Our subscriptions all provide unlimited licences & downloads.

Do you provide “stems” or “alternate versions”?

Absolutely. We typically offer a range of alternate versions for each track such as instrumentals, underscores, cutdowns, solo instruments, loops and more. On the Browse Music page, click the down arrow next to a track title to display alternate versions.

Is new music added regularly?

We add new music at least every week, we also have a newsletter to keep you updated on new releases, new playlists, featured artists and more.

Try before you buy

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