Melodie Platform Relaunch 2023 - Melodie
Melodie is a music licensing platform providing authentic, simply-licensed music for creators, businesses and creative platforms. Powered by AI search tools, and with an award-winning roster of artists, Melodie makes it fast, affordable and incredibly easy to find and license great music for any type of content.
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Melodie User Guide 2023

Melodie Platform Relaunch 2023

We invite you to explore the freshly updated Melodie platform! It’s now even faster for content creators to source high-quality, copyright-safe music.

Melodie is a tech-enabled music licensing solution providing an exclusive library of authentic stock music for content creators, businesses and creative platforms. Powered by AI search tools, and with a roster of top caliber artists, Melodie makes it fast, affordable and incredibly easy to find quality music for content.

Today we relaunched the Melodie platform, a turbocharged series of upgrades making the platform even more powerful and user friendly.

With built-in monetisation protection across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, creators and media professionals can easily find and integrate high-quality music for videos, podcasts, apps, games, live streams, broadcast media and more.

There’s now even more music to choose from, with an extended library of 25,000+ high-quality songs and stems from award-winning composers and independent artists, all original and exclusive to Melodie.

Explore the new features and upgrades

Creators can find the perfect tracks in seconds, with AI search, intuitive tags and search exclusions. The new drag-and-drop Playlist Creator makes it faster than ever to curate playlists, while the new ‘Mobile First’ design is perfect for searching and saving on the go.

The new “My library” section helps you store curated playlists, as well as favourite collections and artists; or use the Artist Search Menu to search only your favourites, or exclude specific artists. Plus, there’s now Visible Waveforms for every track, including versions and stems, making it easy to identify each track’s sections, crescendos, hits and false endings. 

The entire interface is faster, slicker and more intuitive - with AI search tools, search exclusions and hot keys. There’s music to discover in every style, for every mood and purpose.

Supporting a thriving creative community

Since its inception, Melodie have been dedicated to supporting a thriving creative community, empowering artists to do what they do best – make great music.

Melodie was founded by composers, musicians and sound designers, with decades of combined industry experience, and a deep understanding of the crucial role music plays in storytelling. Trusted by major brands, producers and studios worldwide, Melodie caters to the needs of content creators, while supporting the growth of the music creators themselves. There are Creator, Pro and Enterprise subscription options to access unlimited quality stock music, for one low monthly fee.

Melodie – music for storytellers.

Melodie Music

Melodie is a music licensing platform, founded by a family of composers, musicians and sound designers - all with a deep understanding of the essential role music plays in storytelling. Our purpose is to connect and inspire Melodie artists, content creators and employees - growing a benevolent, diverse and sustainable business.