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Melodie is a music licensing platform providing authentic, simply-licensed music for creators, businesses and creative platforms. Powered by AI search tools, and with an award-winning roster of artists, Melodie makes it fast, affordable and incredibly easy to find and license great music for any type of content.
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Melodie User Guide

If you’ve just joined Melodie, welcome!

Melodie is a tech-enabled music licensing solution providing authentic music for content creators, businesses and creative platforms. Powered by AI search tools, and with an award-winning roster of artists, Melodie makes it fast and incredibly easy to find copyright-safe music for videos, podcasts, games, live streams, broadcast media and more.

This user guide explains how all the features work, but to kick things off, here’s a short video….

Our Purpose

To support a thriving creative community.

Melodie was founded by a family of composers, musicians and sound designers – all with a deep understanding of the essential role music plays in storytelling. We created a simple, intuitive music licensing platform that delighted the world’s content creators whilst supporting those creating the music.

Our Mission is to empower all creators to easily find and license high-quality music for any type of content. In doing so, we live by a simple set of core values:

Be Passionate

Passion brings out our best and inspires others. We love what we do and we do it well. This means constantly pushing the boundaries and finding new ways to do things better.

Be Curious

Curiosity is the mother of invention. We embrace the strange, the imperfect and the sometimes weird. We encourage openness and ideas sharing, allowing creativity to thrive.

Be Kind

We look after each other. Our team, artists, customers, the local barista, the cleaner. We believe kindness, inclusion and diversity leads to a healthier workplace (and world).

Search Introduction

Our advanced music search engine was designed to be simple, flexible, and available to everyone.

We’ve meticulously tagged every track in our library to provide you with the most powerful, accurate search experience on the market. With the flexibility to search in the way that makes most sense to you.

There are multiple ways to search, and you can use any combination of these functions simultaneously:

Search with keywords and menus:

      1. Enter comma-separated keywords into the search bar;
      2. Use the Genre, Mood, Instrument, Purpose, Tempo, Key, Artists menus.

Or search using our reverse-search AI-powered tools to find something similar:

      1. Search using a YouTube link;
      2. Search using an uploaded audio file (mp3 / wav);
      3. Find similar tracks (from any Melodie track).

AI-Tools: YouTube and MP3 Search

Melodie Music YouTube MP3 AI Search Tools

In partnership with our friends at Musiio, we provide a range of artificial intelligence-powered search tools, free for all Melodie users. In combination with our much loved search interface, you can find similar tracks from an audio reference using (1) a YouTube link or (2) an uploaded mp3/wav file, or (3) any other Melodie track.

Melodie Upload YouTube Link
YouTube Search

Need something that sounds a little like “X”? Just click “YouTube Link” located beside the search bar, paste in a YouTube link to find similar songs.

Melodie Upload Reference MP3 Audio File
MP3/WAV Search

Located beside the search bar, click “Upload MP3”, select and upload a reference MP3 or WAV file from your computer, and find similar songs.

AI Tools: Find Similar

If you like a Melodie track and would like to hear more in that vibe, click the “Similar” link beside any track to populate a search based on that track as the reference.

Melodie Music Find Similar Search Tool

Search Exclusions

Ever find yourself looking for a track without a certain something? Let’s say you want a funky track but without saxophone? Changing the search type from a regular search inclusion to a search exclusion is as easy as toggling the “+” / “” icon located beside each keyword.

Melodie Music Search string keywords

Regular Search

Include search results featuring this keyword.

Melodie Music regular search keyword

By default, selected keywords will feature a green “+” icon indicating a regular keyword search.

Search Exclusion

Exclude search results featuring this keyword.

Melodie Music Search Exclusion keyword

Click the “+” icon once to switch to a “” search exclusion (in red), excluding results featuring that keyword.


Collections are located on the Browse Music page under the ‘Collections’ tab. Just like when searching for Tracks, you can filter results using any combination of keyword search menus/filters.

Melodie Search Collections

Hotkeys (Keyboard Shortcuts)

These keyboard shortcuts, or ‘hotkeys’, allow you to work faster using the commands on your keyboard.

Standard Hotkeys
Function Hotkey
Play/pause Spacebar
Next track Right/Down Arrow
Previous track Left/Up Arrow
Subscribers Only

(For currently selected/playing track)

Function Hotkey
Playlist add/remove “p”
Favourites add/remove “f”
Download track “d”

Alternate Versions & Stems

Melodie Music Alternate Versions and Stems

Each Melodie track features alternate versions / stems. They are always different, made to suit the track. If there’s a vocal present, you will always find an instrumental. Click the small “down arrow” icon beside a track title to display versions. Versions are only available to Pro and Enterprise users.

My Library

Melodie’s My library page is where your personalised Playlists, Favourite Collections and Favourite Artists exist.

  • My Playlists – shows your own playlists, including personalised artwork.
  • Favourite Curated Collections – lists your favourited Melodie Collections.
  • Favourite Artists – lists your favourited Melodie Artists.

Click any Playlist, Collection or Artist to open a new window.

Melodie Music My Library

Playlist Creator

Melodie Open Playlist Creator

Melodie’s Playlist Creator was designed with speed in mind. To create, edit, and share playlists in record time.

Click “Open Playlist Creator”, located to the right of the main search bar, to show the Playlist Creator, then simply drag and drop the tracks into the Playlist Creator window.

You can remove tracks from the Playlist Creator by clicking the vertical “…” icon, then “Remove from Playlist”.

Alternatively, to manually add a track to a playlist, click “…”, then “Add to playlist” beside any track listing.

Playlists are stored on the “My library” page.

Add to playlist, Melodie Playlist Creator
Melodie Playlist Creator - Drag and Drop Tracks

Favourites & Sharing

To add a track to your favourites list, click the ‘Heart’ icon beside any track listing. Your favourites list can be converted into a playlist at any time.

Melodie Music Favourite track icon

To filter music search results by Favourites, click the dropdown arrow to the top right of the search results and select “Favourites”.

Melodie Sort by Favourites

To share a track, simply click the ‘Share’ icon to copy the URL, then paste it into a browser, email or social media platform.

Melodie Share URL Link

Downloading Music

To download a track, simply click the “download” icon located beside any track or version.

Melodie Music Download / Licence a track

Registered user (with no plan)

  • Access:
    • Watermarked MP3 files only.
    • Not licensed for use.

Even without a paid plan, you can download watermarked mp3 files for preview purposes. You can subscribe at any time to remove the watermarks. Note: files are not licensed for use unless you have, or fall under, a paid plan.

Melodie Music Watermarked MP3 downloads for registered user

“Creator” plan

  • Access:
    • Main track only, MP3 only.
    • Download CSV (copyright info / Cue Sheets).
    • Generate Licence Agreement (EULA).
Melodie Music MP3 downloads Creator user

“Pro” and “Enterprise” plans

  • Access:
    • Main & Versions, WAV & MP3.
    • Download CSV (copyright info / Cue Sheets).
    • Generate Licence Agreement (EULA).
    • Enterprise users can additionally access Playlist Downloads (one-click mass downloads).
Melodie Music MP3 and WAV downloads for Pro and Enterprise users

Downloading Playlists (One-Click Mass Downloads)

If you have an Enterprise level subscription, you can add multiple tracks to a playlist and download the entire playlist as a single compressed zip file.

To download a playlist, open a playlist (available via the My library page) and click the download icon.

Once the download modal emerges you have the option to download files in the following four ways:

  • All WAV – Download WAV mains & versions.
  • Mains WAV – Download WAV mains only (excluding versions) .
  • All MP3 – Download MP3 mains & versions.
  • Mains MP3 – Download MP3 mains only (excluding versions).
Melodie Music Playlist Download

You can also download copyright CSV files in two ways:

  • Download CSV (All) – Copyright info for main & versions.
  • Download CSV (Mains) – Copyright info for mains only (excluding versions).

NOTE: These mass downloads zip on the fly – and can be several GB in size – so please download one playlist at a time to avoid browser timeouts. Once each download has started you can click the next one safely (and have many downloading simultaneously). The time playlists take to download will depend on your internet speed. We recommend using Chrome or Firefox.

Downloaded Playlists are stored in your account on the Downloads page.

Melodie Music Playlist Download One Click Mass Download

Track Details & Copyright Information

Melodie Music Open Track Details

To access track details and copyright information, click the ‘three dots’ icon beside any track, then select ‘Track Details’.

This will bring up a new window displaying the below information about the track in question:

    • KEYWORDS (Creative keywords and track metadata);
    • COPYRIGHT INFO (Copyright information such as composer name);
    • DOWNLOAD CSV (Option to download a copyright CSV, located botom left corner of window).

Note: whenever you make a download, click “Download CSV” to create a CSV file, complete with all copyright / cue sheet information covering the track(s) being downloaded.

Melodie Music Track Details / Information

Generate Licence Agreement (EULA)

If you are a subscriber or team member on a paid subscription, you can generate an End User Licence Agreement (EULA) for any download. An EULA acts as a legal certificate, proving you have the required rights to use certain music tracks in your productions.

Melodie Generate Licence Agreement

From the Download window, click “Generate Licence Agreement”.

This will open a new window where you can enter production details. Select ‘Remember details’ for next time if you are downloading multiple tracks for the same production.

The details you enter here will be printed into an End User Licence Agreement (EULA), which can be accessed at any time from the Downloads page.

Melodie Generate Licence EULA

Downloads / Licences Page

To view your Downloads and Licences go to your user drop down menu (top right corner of page) and click ‘Downloads’. Here you can find a permanent list of your Downloads and Licence Agreements, which can be downloaded again at any time.

You can use the search bar or filters available to refine results listed on Downloads page by user, production type, or period. Once you’ve filtered the results, you can Download a CSV containing the details of your downloads or licences.

If you would like to use the same track(s) for a new production, simply click “Generate additional licence” to generate a new EULA from the same track (or set of tracks).

Melodie Downloads Licences EULA Page

Team Members

At Melodie, there are three user types:

  • Account Owner – billing, account management, team downloads visibility, file access.
  • Admin – account management, team downloads visibility, file access.
  • Team Member – personal downloads visibility, file access.

By default, the first account created is the Account Owner. This user has access to billing / renewals, and can manage all aspects of your Melodie account, including adding / removing other Team Members and Admins.

If you are an Account Owner or Admin user, you can add/remove team members via your user dropdown menu (top right of screen) – My account – My team.

Assigning a Team Member as an Admin gives that user the same permissions as the Account Owner, excluding billing and renewals.

When a new user is added, an invitation emai is automatically sent to the new user.

Melodie My Team - Add Team Members
Melodie My Team - Team Member Settings

Browser Compatibility

For best performance we recommend using a recent version of either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. If you’re using Internet Explorer it’s time to upgrade!

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll find many answers to common questions on our FAQ page.


If you have any other questions, please contact us.

Melodie Music

Melodie is a music licensing platform, founded by a family of composers, musicians and sound designers - all with a deep understanding of the essential role music plays in storytelling. Our purpose is to connect and inspire Melodie artists, content creators and employees - growing a benevolent, diverse and sustainable business.