How GoDaddy Studio Integrated Melodie Music To Enhance Their Product
Melodie is a music licensing platform providing authentic, simply-licensed music for creators, businesses and creative platforms. Powered by AI search tools, and with an award-winning roster of artists, Melodie makes it fast, affordable and incredibly easy to find and license great music for any type of content.
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How GoDaddy Studio Integrated Melodie Music To Enhance Their Product

Ask any entrepreneur and they will tell you that running a small business is time-consuming, but of all the things owners do, posting to social media and creating content is one of the hardest.

That’s why GoDaddy recently introduced Instant Video to help small business owners become confident content creators. Instant Video is a new AI-powered feature within the GoDaddy Studio app that can quickly and easily meet the growing need for video-based digital marketing and social commerce, all at no additional cost.

Creators can simply and intuitively produce videos that convey their unique brand personality by using copyright-safe, high-quality music through a partnership with Melodie – giving them access to 25,000+ stock music tracks and stems. This means all music available within GoDaddy Studio is created by small, independent artists and supports musicians around the world.

As we continue to build out a global presence at Melodie, we’re thrilled to be partnering with GoDaddy in a way that provides fresh, authentic music to new audiences, and creates new revenue streams for our artists.

We had a chat with the team at GoDaddy in Arizona, US to find out more about how GoDaddy Studio provides all of the resources entrepreneurs need to create beautifully designed content for websites, social media, marketing and more. 

Tell us in your own words, what is GoDaddy Studio?

GoDaddy Studio is a content creation tool. Entrepreneurs can easily create content that elevates and helps sell their brand on social media and everywhere else online.

The GoDaddy Studio app can be used on both mobile and desktop, and it gives our users the ability to create seamless videos, add text to photos and stylize fonts, colors and backgrounds using click-to-edit pre-made designs.

Through powerful design tools, content is made professional in just minutes. Time-strapped entrepreneurs and small business leaders can now more easily leverage promotions, social media posts, Instagram stories, business announcements, and other branded content without the burden of designing each new post or campaign themselves.

You also don’t need a website to be able to use the GoDaddy Studio app.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners can use the free version of GoDaddy Studio, which includes standard templates, photos, graphics and font collections.

Can you tell us about GoDaddy Studio’s ‘Instant Video’ feature, and what inspired its development?

Instant Video, a new feature within the free GoDaddy Studio app, is designed for small business owners looking to adapt to the rise of video content across social media platforms.

With Instagram Reels, TikTok videos and YouTube shorts becoming incredibly popular, GoDaddy Studio’s Instant Video feature gives busy business owners a quick and easy way to start creating videos at no cost.

With Instant Video, GoDaddy Studio users can curate personalized content in minutes, allowing them to generate multiple videos in the same timespan it takes to create one video using traditional time-line editors. Users get time back in their days and cash back in their pockets so they can focus on the other demands of owning a small business.

What’s the process of creating videos, and what kind of features does it offer?

To create a video, users simply select a few clips and/or photos from their phone photo library and hit the create button. The app then analyses their clips using artificial intelligence and automatically selects a style, chooses transitions, adds music and creates a scroll-stopping headline. Users can then review and tweak their video before downloading the finished product.

GoDaddy Studio integrates directly with the Melodie API, what made you choose Melodie as your music licensing solution?

In choosing a music track provider, GoDaddy was looking for a high-quality library of tracks that covered multiple genres. It was also imperative that the tracks were ‘safe’ for GoDaddy Studio users to use on all social platforms and would not result in copyright issues. Melodie met these requirements and also had a well-documented and robust API which made integration quick and easy.

In what ways does the Melodie API allow your users to experiment with different styles of music, and how does this benefit them creatively?

With generative AI (artificial intelligence) becoming more and more prevalent, the Melodie API allows GoDaddy to experiment with creating different video styles and automatically matching our users content to the most appropriate music tracks. This in turn saves business owners time and effort when creating content for social platforms.

GoDaddy is all about supporting small businesses, how important is it for your users to know that they are supporting other small ‘music’ businesses when it comes to choosing music from real artists (each benefiting from the sale of their music)?

GoDaddy is committed to enabling entrepreneurs to thrive. By partnering with Melodie, we’re able to support small business owners who are musicians and independent artists around the world.

How do you plan to support and educate users on the creative possibilities enabled by GoDaddy Studio’s Instant Video feature, and what resources will be available to help them make the most of this integration?

The GoDaddy social media team is active on Instagram and TikTok and regularly share tips and tricks for creating engaging content.

Finally, what advice would you give to users who are new to GoDaddy Studio and are looking to create engaging videos that really stand out?

Experiment! There’s no design experience required to use GoDaddy Studio, allowing anyone at any stage to market their brand successfully. Users can leverage different templates, fonts, music, video editing styles and more to get a feel of how to heighten their brand’s awareness best.

Another great idea for creating authentic content that stands out from the crowd is to simply record a few ‘micro moments’ from your business during the day and then use the Instant video feature to quickly convert these clips into an engaging ‘behind the scenes’ video.

Users should also take advantage of GoDaddy Studio’s AI, which helps select the best video templates for your brand to create and post watermark-free videos in minutes. GoDaddy Studio’s AI is the perfect assistant in getting any social media promotion, product demos, tutorial videos or branded content quickly and effectively to target audiences.

Kat Tamayo

Kat Tamayo is the Marketing Director at Melodie, with 20+ years experience working in entertainment, tech, subscription services, broadcast media and the music industry. She is a music fan through and through and gets fulfilment out of supporting artists and raising awareness of their music.