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Search Smarter Not Harder: How To Locate The Right Music Track For TV Promos

Fox Creative Case Study

As a promo producer, you might have in mind the kind of music you’re looking for to suit the piece of content you’re working on – but it can be an overwhelming and arduous task to find the perfect track. Melodie was founded by composers, sound designers and audio post engineers. People with genuine first-hand experience of the crucial role music plays in storytelling, and also of the challenges in finding or creating the music that helps the story – so we get it!

We created a simple, intuitive music licensing platform to make it easy for people who work with content every day, to find just what they’re looking for – quickly and easily. We spoke with Dani from Foxtel’s in-house agency, Fox Creative, to hear about her experience as a Content Creative and the search for the perfect track.

TV Music Edit Workstation

Daniela Papalia, Fox Creative

Melodie: Hi Dani, we had to pull you away from your edit suite for a chat! Tell us a little bit about your career so far?

I have been at Foxtel for about ten years now and I went from being a TV scheduler to multiple Promo coordinator roles and Traffic roles to now a content creative. I really love being so creative in a job! It’s such a rewarding and fulfilling career.

What are the channels and shows you are currently working across? Do you have a favourite?

I’m currently working on a LifeStyle Channel promo for “The Great British Sewing Bee” and a FOX8 promo for the Taika Waititi show, “Our Flag Means Death”. My favourites are any True Crime shows that I get assigned. They are always so interesting and thrilling to cut.

What’s your process when cutting a promo spot?

I always choose the music first then lay it all out with SFX before I even attempt to write a script or start logging clips for the edit. Music is absolutely essential to set the tone for any great promo.

LifeStyle – The Great British Sewing Bee Featured Music: Quick Sticks by Chris Raggatt

What do you look for in a music track, and how do you know when you’ve found the right one?

A great beat that dips and flows during the track will really help elevate any promo and keep the viewer excited and engaged. I always lay out multiple music tracks with my edit and play the spot until the music feels right. Even if it takes a while, getting the music right is so crucial to any good edit. It will make or break any promo.

At Melodie, you can search with AI using YouTube or MP3 references to find similar tracks, via our Collections, or by the mood/genre/purpose menus. What’s your go-to? 

The YouTube AI search tool is amazing! I use it all the time and the amount of suitable options is insane. It really is a game changer in finding music and really cuts down time looking for the perfect track.
A&E – Ice Cold Catch Season 1 Featured Music: Dream Catcher by Stefano Vita

Tell us about your experience with Melodie and our curated playlists. How have they helped you to find suitable music for your content?

Yeah, they are really helpful when I know the exact sound that I’m looking for with any promo. It really reduces time being wasted looking for the wrong music tracks.

Can you give us some examples of Melodie tracks you’ve used that really gave your promos a lift?

I just used one for my current Lifestyle promo called “The Great British Sewing Bee”- Quick Sticks by Chris Raggatt. It gave the promo so much life and fun energy and was perfect for the entire promo.

What do you like the most about the selection of music in the Melodie library?

It’s easy to find what I’m looking for, a nice web interface and great customer service.

Fox Arena – TMZ Specials Featured Music: So Horny by Ed Colman
Kat Tamayo

Kat Tamayo is the Marketing Director at Melodie, with 20+ years experience working in entertainment, tech, subscription services, broadcast media and the music industry. She is a music fan through and through and gets fulfilment out of supporting artists and raising awareness of their music.