Melodie Celebrates the Launch of Creative Australia
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Melodie Celebrates the Launch of Creative Australia

At every key moment in a culture’s history, creative arts can be found sitting at the epicentre. There’s not a lot that comes close to the profound emotional relay that creative arts can portray: a story told in a stream of expressions – words, colours, sounds.

This week marked an historic moment for cultural and creative industries in Melodie’s founding country, Australia, as Creative Australia was launched – an expanded and modernised Australian Council for the Arts, rooted in the Australian Government’s National Cultural Policy – Revive; a place for every story, a story for every place.

This heralds a new chapter for Australian arts and creativity and a significant moment in time as all focus is set on building its creative future.

“Creative Australia will reflect the diversity of our communities with both practicing artists and creative industry expertise actively involved in its future direction.  This is an exciting new chapter for this organisation as we look to increase the public value delivered by a thriving arts and creative culture,” said Creative Australia CEO, Adrian Collette AM.  

With artists at the heart of all we do, Creative Australia will connect Australian stories with audiences and build the marketplace nationally and internationally, enhancing our reputation and bringing our rich culture to the world. - Adrian Collette AM, CEO Creative Australia.

Selection of the song which would be the soundtrack to Creative Australia’s launch video was facilitated through a partnership with Melodie, which of course offers a high-quality catalogue featuring music by 120 composers and independent artists, with more than half of that roster from Australia.

Creative Australia and the team at Houston Group, found what they were looking for in ‘Didge Beats’, a track by renowned First Nations artist Nooky. The choice encapsulates Creative Australia’s primary purpose: to support Australian music and arts, with First Nations first.

That Creative Australia chose this track to launch with, makes complete sense to me. A piece of music that features an instrument that is so uniquely of this ancient country, delivered in a style that is so evocative of “the now”, by an artist who has the skills to fuse the two and create something so powerful. This song itself is a pitch perfect example of the pathway that the Revive policy seeks to forge for a modern creative Australia. - Andy Wilson, Head of A&R at Melodie.

Supporting Australian music and local artists, and empowering artists to do what they do best, has been of utmost importance to Melodie since its inception. And we continue to look for ways to showcase the incredible music coming from artists in this country – as well as across the globe.

“We’ve recently introduced a new initiative on the platform – the ‘AUS button’ – empowering local users to filter only Australian music, thus directly supporting local artists and our industry,” said Melodie Founder and Managing Director, Evan Buist. 

“This is something which has never been done before, and we’re now approaching local brands, businesses, production companies and all levels of government to say, ‘hey, if you’re interested in supporting local music, you can toggle that button to ‘AUS’ and every time you download a track you’re paying a local composer.’ It’s that easy.”

“We’re also working with First Nations artists and have recently set up an investment initiative where we’re channeling $25,000 a year into the development of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists for sync opportunities via the Melodie platform. Our goal is to help seed the development of a First Nations Screen Music Economy: to engage and support artists through those opportunities around music synchronisation and royalties, creating new and ongoing revenue streams for those creating the music”, said Buist.

As Creative Australia spreads its wings and sets off to execute on its strategy in support of the creative workforce of Australia, we celebrate this historic moment and what it means for Australia’s creative industries and culture, and beyond.

Kat Tamayo

Kat Tamayo is the Marketing Director at Melodie, with 20+ years experience working in entertainment, tech, subscription services, broadcast media and the music industry. She is a music fan through and through and gets fulfilment out of supporting artists and raising awareness of their music.