Meet Californian Singer-Songwriter, Christy Panchal -
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Christy Panchal on stage

Meet Californian Singer-Songwriter, Christy Panchal

We caught up with Los Angeles based singer-songwriter, Christy Panchal, to hear about her latest work, music production processes, and her experience co-writing with Melodie producer, Greg Carrozza.

Christy has a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising with a minor in Music which gives her an in depth understanding of the science and emotion of creating music for screen and branding. She’s intensely passionate about writing music, approaching all musical endeavours with optimism, imagination, integrity, and of course quality: taking serious pride in her musical output.

The Interview

Melodie: Hey, Christy! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. What first inspired you to write music for film and television?

I’ve always loved movies and TV. I love the way they tell stories and how music contributes to the feeling you get when watching. Being able to contribute to a story that way is truly special.

Your Melodie tracks were co-written with Greg Carrozza, how do you go about creating a new song? Lyrics or Melody first?

With Greg, typically he’ll send over a track and it will evoke a feeling for me. I can tell what it wants to be about pretty quickly. When it comes to writing lyrics and melody, a lot of times they come together.

How did you meet Greg?

Fun fact: Greg and I have never met in person! But we started working together during the pandemic. We met at an online sync hang out and it’s been a really good set up. I appreciate his love for production, and it allows me to focus on toplining, which is my strength.

What equipment are you using to get your sound, and how has your setup evolved over time?

I’ll never tell! I joke. I’m a Slate Digital girl. I use all their stuff, and their mics. Some other secret sauce, but I lean heavily on Slate. I definitely now have more plug-ins than I need, or use, frankly, but it really elevates the sound when you invest in good equipment. Putting out music is so vulnerable, it’s nice to have high quality equipment on your side if you can swing it.

Do you have any tricks for when you hit a creative block?

Keep going. Continuing to work is the best thing to do. Inspiration tends to graciously appear.

How do you know when it’s time to step away from a project – when is a piece of music finally finished?

Sometimes when you stop being able to hear it. Sometimes when it feels good.

Christy Panchal singer-songwriter on stage

Favourite band/artist and what draws you to their music?

Can’t possibly choose, but I love Dolly Parton, Joni Mitchell, Taylor Swift, Lizzy McAlpine, Morgan Wallen, Jennifer Hudson, Ariana Grande, HER – to name a few. The thing that always attracts me is something special in the vocal. From the melodies or lyrics or tone or crazy runs or belt – just that next level talent.

I also like a lyric that means something, though sometimes I have fun branching out into nonsensical lyrics. I also like a solid vocal that can be heard and is the central element in a mix.

We’re big advocates of promoting diversity in our industry. How have you navigated the music industry as a woman?

That’s awesome that you value diversity! I just checked Spotify charts and currently there are 3 women in the top 10 (shout out to TSwift, Rhianna, and SZA). And honestly, that’s higher than I’ve typically seen it, but still only 30%. I notice it on the charts, and when people post their Spotify wrapped. People tend to listen to way more male artists than they do female artists. There are probably a lot of reasons for this. I think it’s culturally okay for women to resonate with male artists, but not as acceptable for men to resonate with female artists, so the scales get tilted in that way. I also think male artists are generally considered “cooler” than female ones. It’s a tricky business. I just keep trying to make music and stay in the game. Can’t let it get you down too much.

What advice would you give to aspiring female musicians who are starting out in the industry?

Keep your head up and keep making music. You create for yourself, because it’s good for you. And if you’re wondering if it would be easier if you were a guy, yes, it 100% would be. But you don’t have much control over that, so just be the best that you can be and stay in the game.

What are you working on right now?

I just finished producing my first album! It was a feat but is something so special to me and I’m really happy with the outcome. The sound is super high quality and as an artist project felt incredibly natural. I learned from this experience that I can create anything if I’m willing to put in the time.

What’s next for Christy Panchal?

Now it’s time to release my record which I’m excited about. Also, it’s time to get started on a new one! I’m thinking of heading in a more acoustic, down-homey, almost country direction for that one. It feels right for this next season.

Which is your favourite Christy Panchal track in the Melodie library and why?

Supersonic Boom. I think the chorus is catchy and fun. Lyrically it’s a nice journey.

Want to hear Christy Panchal’s latest music? Click the button below!

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