Melodie: Startup City Magazine’s Top Australian Startups For 2022
Melodie is a music licensing platform providing authentic, simply-licensed music for creators, businesses and creative platforms. Powered by AI search tools, and with an award-winning roster of artists, Melodie makes it fast, affordable and incredibly easy to find and license great music for any type of content.
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Melodie: Startup City Magazine’s Top Australian Startups For 2022

Emotive and beautifully produced musical compositions. Content that needs a musical soundtrack to help drive themes and narratives: Melodie serves as a conduit between the composer and the content creator.  That’s an exciting place to be and we’re honoured that Melodie has been named in the Top 10 Australian Startups for 2022.

We have the privilege of working with incredibly talented composers – producing music of every genre and style.  And the world’s best content creators – from some of the biggest brands in the world to the most exciting digital creatives.  Connecting these two is our raison d’être

Startup City Quote Evan Buist Melodie Music

Melodie’s aim has always been to simplify access to great music through technology. With the help of our friends at Musiio, Melodie users can find the right tracks faster and with more accuracy. They can search for music without words, just an audio reference. Sort of like Google Reverse Image Search for audio. We have also built intuitive, proprietary functions from scratch to filter results based on existing manually tagged categories such as purpose, genre, mood, BPM, instrument and key.

In addition to our platform’s AI search capabilities, we have meticulously kept in-house tagging. Our team’s music supervision skills are our currency. If we’re going to tag something as melancholic or gritty, these tags will be more consistently accurate than using AI alone, because we’re human.

Our purpose at Melodie is to support a thriving creative community and as technology evolves we’ll keep exploring new ways to do just that.

Melodie Music

Melodie is a music licensing platform, founded by a family of composers, musicians and sound designers - all with a deep understanding of the essential role music plays in storytelling. Our purpose is to connect and inspire Melodie artists, content creators and employees - growing a benevolent, diverse and sustainable business.