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Melodie is a music licensing platform providing authentic, simply-licensed music for creators, businesses and creative platforms. Powered by AI search tools, and with an award-winning roster of artists, Melodie makes it fast, affordable and incredibly easy to find and license great music for any type of content.
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Join the Melodie Ambassador Program

Join the Melodie Ambassador Program to earn commissions when you share the music you love. Become a grassroots supporter of independent music whilst providing a quality resource for your community.

1. Sign up

It’s quick and easy to join.

2. Share the love

Via your unique link.

3. Earn

20% on each referred sale.

How it Works

If you love our music, sharing is easy!

The Melodie Ambassador Program rewards you for referring us new business via a flat 20% commission. It’s that simple.

We don’t work with everyone, but if you’re a content creator we’d love to hear from you. Follow the steps below to apply.

    1. Join the ShareASale Affiliate Network (approval can take 1-2 business days). If you get stuck at this point, please find more info here or email ShareASale.
    2. Once approved by ShareASale, apply to the Melodie Ambassador Program. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours with your unique link to start earning.
    3. If you have any questions along the way, just drop us an email.


20% commission

Earn a flat 20% commission on new sales.

45 days tracking

Validation for 45 days from clicking your link.

Monthly payments

Monthly payments to your nominated account.

No fees, ever

There are no joining fees (or any other fees).

Our Ambassadors

We work with all kinds of content creators, curators & educators. Some examples are:

– Filmmakers
– YouTube & Twitch Creators
– Bloggers (media, travel, sport etc)
– Media Influencers
– Video & Audio Editors
– Studio Owners
– Podcasters

Meet freelance Director of Photography, John Reed. John has filmed and told stories for networks, corporations, marketing agencies, sporting events and even aerospace companies.

The high quality and huge variety of music at Melodie is what makes it an easy choice for me. As a DP, I describe Melodie as the musical equivalent of having a full variety of lenses to choose from, the choice of drones to fly, and a Steadicam or jib to get the shot I need – John Reed.
John Reed - Freelance Director of Photography
John Reed - Freelance Director of Photography

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still use music from other providers?

Absolutely, you can use all kinds of other music. We encourage collaboration! Just don’t forget to credit us when you use a Melodie track.

Is there a limit on how much I can earn?

There’s no limit. Our commissions are 100% uncapped, so if you have an extended network, this program presents a considerable opportunity.

How long do commissions last?

All commissions are paid on the first sale, so whether that’s a monthly or annual transaction, you’ll receive 20% of that sale.

Do you have image ads?

Yes, we call them “Creatives”. They’re available from within your Ambassador account after you’ve been accepted.

Ready to Get Started?

Melodie Music

Melodie is a music licensing platform, founded by a family of composers, musicians and sound designers - all with a deep understanding of the essential role music plays in storytelling. Our purpose is to connect and inspire Melodie artists, content creators and employees - growing a benevolent, diverse and sustainable business.