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Supercharge your platform, save time and empower your clients with unlimited premium music tracks – without the copyright issues.

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Clients should set the tone

Empower your clients to set the emotional tone of their videos by choosing their own music right at the start of the briefing process. Letting clients in on the decision-making process gives creative ownership which means fewer creative miscommunications and fewer revisions. At the end of the day: saving everyone time.

Fewer Revisions

Letting clients set the emotional tone of their video is known to minimise revisions.

Saves Time

Fewer revisions means a streamlined process with faster delivery times.

Delights Clients

Providing a level of creative ownership from the very start delights clients.

Zero Copyright Takedowns

Melodie’s exclusive catalogue is controlled by Melodie alone, which means no third parties will ever try to monetise or restrict your end-user content. Whether that content is destined for YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, live-streaming, podcasts, broadcast or anything else, rest assured your users are 100% protected from third party monetisation attempts, copyright notices and takedowns.



Unlimited downloads & licensing. Our music is safe for everything, everywhere, forever. 


& Variety

Access to more than 20,000 curated, high-quality tracks with new music added weekly.



Integrate all aspects of our library, including advanced search parameters and song stems.

Why the Melodie API?


Impactful Music

We provide authentic, impactful music to connect with audiences on a deeper level. Hear the difference.

YouTube &

Streaming Safe

Our exclusively-owned catalogue means no copyright takedowns or monetisation attempts. No channel whitelisting needed.

Award Winning


Music by award winning composers. We’re talking Emmys, Helpmanns, IMAs, Silver Scrolls, APRAs & AGCSs.

New Music


Get instant access to the same fresh tracks as featured on the Melodie platform, with new music added each and every week.

Versions &


Give your creators an enhanced creative edge with access to pre-compiled alternate versions, mixes & stems for each track.


API Calls

Enjoy peace of mind with unlimited search and download calls for a set fee, offering unrivalled creative freedom for your clients.



Music is pre-cleared for all media platforms That’s all media (including broadcast), worldwide use, in perpetuity.

Custom Search


With optional advanced search functionality, your clients can search by genre, mood, instrument, tempo, key & more.



Choose between a fixed monthly fee or pay as you go with no commitment from your end. Both options cover unlimited API calls.

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Free Enterprise Account

API users receive complimentary access to Melodie’s entire catalogue. That’s unlimited downloads & licensing of the same high-quality tracks your clients enjoy, for your own brand.

Want unlimited music for your platform?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Melodie API?

The Melodie API provides third party platforms with direct, unlimited access to our entire music library. Using the API you can integrate our music directly onto your platform, allowing your users to browse, download and integrate our music files without ever leaving your platform. The API features a wide range of search parameters, allowing your developers to build in the search features that work best for your business.

How frequently do you add new music? Are there 'stems'?

We have a diverse catalogue of quality music from an international roster of award-winning composers. Check out this sample from our catalogue, or you can visit our main Browse Music page to search the entire Melodie catalogue.


New music is added at least every week and as an API customer, you have access to the same fresh music as it’s released each and every week via the platform.


You’ll be happy to know we offer a range of ‘stems’ or alternate versions for each track. These include instrumentals, underscores, cutdowns, solo instruments and more.

What are the pricing & licensing options?

All music downloaded via the Melodie API is safe in your users’ productions across all media platforms, worldwide and in perpetuity (forever). This includes YouTube, broadcast, podcasts, social media, advertising, radio, OTT/VoD, games – everything, everywhere, forever. Even if you cancel with us, music already placed inside user content is safe in that content forever.


There are a couple of options when it comes to pricing.


Option One: Capped Monthly Fee. This is an affordable, fixed price, regardless of your actual usage during the contract term.


Option Two: Pay As You Go. We can provide a ‘pay as you go’ option, based on actual usage. This way you’ll only ever pay for what you use.

Can I see your API documentation?

Sure thing! Here’s our API documentation. If you’d like an API token for testing purposes please contact us.